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TransFormats will transcribe any audio source into text - whether it's a conference recorded on video, an interview taped onto a recording device, or any other audio format. We can also record the event you want transcribed. We transcribe conferences, lectures, seminars, promotional videos, training courses, and other similar events and business material from audio or video format into text.

We provide different transcription services according to your needs, which range from the simplest conversion into text to our premium service, where we provide you with three versions of your recording:

· Literal transcription: the text is time-coded at regular intervals and all unfinished sentences, hesitations, etc are included, so that you have a "raw" version of the audio material. If the format is video we include annotations of what happens visually, such as indications of body language, pauses in the dialogue, and descriptions of movement. This version is handy if at some time you need to translate the text for a voice-over.

· Brushed up version for reading: a clean version, where unnececessary elements have been eliminated, such as repetitions, unfinished sentences, indications of pauses, etc. In the case of video, the indications of what happens are limited to the essential. This version is ideal to hand out for reading.

· Styled version fit for publishing: a polished version, in which the text reads well and has a clear style. You can use this version for publishing.

For locations in and around Barcelona we also provide a filming and recording service, where we film or record your event. If the location of your event is outside Barcelona please contact us to discuss whether filming or recording is possible.

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